Course Details

Name: Basic OP Engineering (Metric) 

Number: 020003 

Prerequisites: None  

Audience: Personnel requiring a complete overview of OP Engineering Design concepts 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • understand predelivery procedures
  • design aerial and underground support structures
  • identify cables types, gauges and weights
  • verify electrical safety standards - grounding, power line hardware and break switches
  • design Serving Area Concept (SAC), multiple plant and building entrance distribution cable
  • maintain existing plant wiring
  • undertand splicing, splice types and sequencing
  • undertand the deployment of specialized cable applications - Mobile Home Parks, Marinas, other third party support structures
  • understand property ownserhip and its impact - private, crown, reserve, etc.
  • complete a job conpletion report
  • prepare work order documents

Content: Topics include:
  • engineering design process
  • support structure design
  • precast structural elements
  • conduit materials
  • aerial structure designs
  • standard cable requirements
  • underground structures
  • span length, ground clearance, etc.
  • power line configurations
  • grounding and safety considerations
  • SAC box design
  • distribution cable design, cross connects, etc.
  • splicing and and considerations for various types of splices
  • termination standards and cable types.
  • work order documentation

Activities: Lecture, worksheets, individual and group exercises, summative evaluations  

Class Size: Up to 10 attendees 

Duration: 9 days 

Note: Course materials uses metric (non-Imperial) measurements  



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