Course Details

Name: ICGS 

Number: 021312 

Prerequisites: Basic windows training  

Audience: Outside Plant drafters with MOPIRS experience; Design technicians who have outside plant background in a mechanized exchange, good PC skills and have extensive Metamap or CAD experience are also candidates for this course 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • maintain Outside Plant databases and generate workprints using ICGS

Content: Topics include:
  • downloading maps
  • posting Plant items
  • performing cable throws
  • generating workprints
  • producing as-built/final posting

Activities: Practice exercises and production networks using simulated and production environments  

Class Size: Up to 10 attendees 

Duration: 10 days 

Assessment: To achieve course completion, students will be required to complete exercises according to criteria set in the course  



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