Course Details

Name: Understanding Project Management 

Number: 033020 

Prerequisites: None  

Audience: People who manage projects, serve on project teams, or initiate project work 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • take "Strategic Plan" objectives and put them through a systematic process, producing tactical plans that are actionable
  • work in a cross-functional team environment using a common process to manage a project

Content: Topics include:
  • how projects fit into comprehensive corporate planning
  • implementing a project from start to finish
  • objective driven logic
  • organizing the project team
  • executing the plan and contingency planning
  • cost tracking
  • use of project management software
  • evaluating projects

Activities: Lecture, classroom and hands-on work projects  

Class Size: Up to 18 attendees 

Duration: 3 days 

Assessment: To achieve course completion, students will be required to complete all classroom and hands-on work projects  



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