Course Details

Name: Power Presentations 

Number: 034420 

Prerequisites: None  

Audience: Personnel who need to effectively communicate goals, ideas and information to others 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • significantly reduce preparation time for presentations
  • enhance clarity and impact
  • present ideas in a convincing manner
  • captivate audience attention
  • build commitment
  • handle difficult questions
  • overcome the fear of presenting

Content: Topics include:
  • defining your objective
  • assessing your audience
  • developing your opening, body and closing
  • written vs. spoken word
  • getting those butterflies to fly in formation
  • thinking on your feet
  • nonverbal communication, tone of voice, words
  • foundations of persuasion
  • building rapport
  • handling questions
  • visuals, types of media, developing multimedia presentations

Activities: Lecture, demonstration, individual exercises, individual and group presentations  

Class Size: Up to 10 attendees 

Duration: 2 days 

Assessment: To achieve course completion, students will be required to deliver two five- to seven-minute presentations and several short presentations which will be evaluated by course participants and the instructor  



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