Course Details

Name: Successful Selling Skills 

Number: 070020 

Prerequisites: None  

Audience: Anyone wanting an introductory course in sales, personnel transferring from other roles to a role where one deals with the customer 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • define the selling process
  • understand the different types of selling (personal, informal, direct, etc.) and the expectations in each role
  • identifying customer opportunities
  • demonstrate skills to take advantage of selling opportunities

Content: Topics include:
  • breaking down the sales process
  • describing and using the key components of successful sales calls
  • dealing with customer rejection, or misunderstandings
  • knowing when to open, talk, listen, ask, answer or close
  • understanding and practicing the techniques that bring you closer to the customer

Activities: Lecture, group exercises, individual exercises  

Class Size: Up to 16 attendees 

Duration: 1 day 



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