Course Details

Name: Basic Installation & Repair Overview 

Number: 080216 

Prerequisites: None  

Audience: Non-craft Service Centre employees, including commercial 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • install a telephone from Ready Access (RA) terminal to instrument in classroom environment

Content: Topics include:
  • cable types and colour codes
  • terminal types (fixed, Ready Access (RA), Service Area Concept (SAC), cross-connect)
  • pole attachments and hardware
  • drop wire installation procedures
  • protection and grounding
  • prewire and inside wire runs
  • telephone sets (types and styles)
  • overview of basic transmission principles
  • party lines and ANI marking schemes
  • marine and trailer park considerations
  • order and repair write-off

Activities: Lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 2 days 

Assessment: Complete work projects to demonstrate mastery of specific skills which are evaluated by the instructor, and successfully complete two reviews  



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