Course Details

Name: SL-100 XA Core Overview 

Number: 096725 

Prerequisites: Technicians with experience in maintaining the SL-100/DSM-100.  

Audience: Technicians and equipment installation crews who must maintain and upgrade the Nortel SL-100/DSM-100. 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • understand the changes to the SL-100/DMS-100 processor and associated architecture.
  • understand Supernode XA-Core vs. Supernode CM/SLM
  • understand and maintain software changes related to the XA Core upgrade.
  • understand and maintain hardware changes to interfaces, power supplies, clocks, etc.
  • understand the various circuit packs required for XA-Core.
  • understand datafill and maintain tables changed by the XA-Core upgrade.
  • understand the XA-Core MAP interface
  • be able to use XA-Core storage devices and utilities.

Content: Topics include:
  • XA-Core Architecture
  • XA-Core Ciruit Pack Description
  • XA-Core Operation and Maintenance
  • IOM Operation and Maintenance
  • ENET Operation and Maintenance

Activities: lecture, hands-on labs  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 3 days 



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