Course Details

Name: Audiocodes Mediant 3000 Gateway - CS1000 PRI Integration 

Number: 097099 

Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding and experience with IP networks and telephony (PBX) is required. Experience configuring CS1000 PRI trunks is required.  

Audience: Engineers, technicians and support personnel responsible for programming, maintaining and debugging Audiocodes Mediant 3K gateways. 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • configure basic IP addressing for the device.
  • understand the bootP process and INI files.
  • provision the gateway network, telephony, voip and truck parameters
  • diagnose and troubleshoot problems with the gateway and connected networks.
  • understand the Element Manager System (EMS)
  • configure EMS to manage Audiocodes gateways, particularly as a PRI gateway for the Nortel/Avaya CS1000.

Content: Topics include:
  • Audiocodes Mediant hardware
  • Gateway basic configuration
  • Advanced gateway configuration
  • Troubleshooting and debugging common problems.
  • EMS provisioning
  • EMS monitoring and management
  • Diagnostic tools including tools within the gateway product, syslog and ethereal.
  • Nortel/Avaya CS1000 gateway configuration and integration.

Activities: Lecture, hands-on lab assignments, group exercises.  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 4 days 

Note: This course covers the integration of CS1000 PRI trunks. For Audiocodes GW - CS1000 SIP integration, please contact us.  



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