Course Details

Name: Access Node Operation & Maintenance (Access Node) 

Number: 109900 

Prerequisites: SONET Overview - 122001  

Audience: Personnel who are involved in access node operations and maintenance of the S/DMS AccessNode 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • operate and maintain the S/DMS AccessNode

Content: Topics include:
  • introduction to the S/DMS AccessNode
  • architecture of S/DMS AccessNode
  • circuit pack descriptions
  • protection
  • synchronization
  • user interface description
  • commissioning and initial provisioning
  • bandwidth management
  • software download and upgrade
  • security administration
  • test access
  • alarms and troubleshooting

Activities: Lecture, hands-on exercises  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 5 days 



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