Course Details

Name: Data Communications 

Number: 111150 

Prerequisites: Analog Transmission - 111213 or Information Transfer Concepts - 101010  

Audience: Field service personnel who work in the data communications area 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • describe functions of the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE), interface and Data Communication Equipment (DCE)
  • describe applications of various data networks
  • perform data circuit testing using the appropriate test equipment and procedures

Content: Topics include:
  • data terminal equipment examples and applications
  • EIA 232/V.35 interface and their physical application
  • data communications equipment: modems, multiplexers, DTU, etc.
  • data communications networks service and technology applications
  • protocols overview

Activities: Lecture, hands-on practice  

Class Size: Up to 12 attendees 

Duration: 4 days 



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