Course Details

Name: Communication Server 1000 X21 Feature Administration for Technicians 

Number: 500112 

Prerequisites: Previous experience with Meridian 1 or CS1000 systems. This course is meant to follow 500105, or is designed for those seeking an update to thier knowledge of CS1000 Feature Administration  

Audience: Technicians and System Administrators who need an updated understanding of the parameters and procedures in programming telephone sets (analogue, digital and IP), features, software and documentation (version 6.x). 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • program the features that suit end user requests and telephone set capability
  • use the SMERL documentation to solve problems
  • log in/out of the CS1000 switch and load overlay programs
  • print and program single and multi-line telephone sets including class of service and call redirection options
  • describe CS1000M, 1000S and 1000E platforms
  • IP telephone set evolution
  • configuring IP enabled applications
  • describe feature access and restrictions

Content: Topics include:
  • CS1000 feature description
  • SMERL documentation
  • software development and releases
  • data administration guidelines
  • feature implementation for single and multiline telephone sets analogue, digital and IP sets
  • telephone set programming
  • software administration including work projects
  • command line interface (CLI) programming
  • Optivity Telephony Management (OTM) software interface

Activities: Lecture, group exercises, data entry practice  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 3 days 

Assessment: Answer questions orally pertaining to course material, enter customer database as per work projects and demonstrate mastery of troubleshooting techniques. A comprehensive course exam will be given based on class material.  



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