Course Details

Name: Communications Server 2100 SPM/IW Operation and Maintenance 

Number: 500418 

Prerequisites: 500410 CS2100 Installation and Maintenance or equivalent  

Audience: Personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of the CS2100 SPM with IW module 

Objectives: Upon successful completion students will be able to:
  • Understand and identify the position and role of the SPM in an enhanced network.
  • Understand and configure IW SPM
  • Understand the functionality of the SPM and peripheral modules
  • Understand and troubleshoot visual and fault indicators

Content: Topics include:
  • SPM/Network relationship
  • CS2100 and SPM hardware and software components
  • Spectrum frame and shelf layout
  • Spectrum resources modules, particularly IW
  • SPM tables and datafill
  • CEM and STM MAP screen usage
  • Protection MAP screen usage
  • Table MNPRTGRP
  • Table MNNODE
  • Table MNSHELF
  • Table MNCKTPAK
  • Table MNLINK

Activities: Lectures, hands-on labs.  

Class Size: Up to 8 attendees 

Duration: 4 days 

Assessment: There will be a comprehensive exam covering the content of the course.  



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